About Us

The Old Garage began with an idea:

How do we create the best tasting pizza for miles around?

The answer was in old European traditions that had since been lost in North America.  Wood fire.

Where most pizza chains use simpler methods to cook their pizzas, we adopted the wood fired approach which maintains our oven at over 900° F and cooks pizzas in less than 3 minutes.  But the wood fire itself is only part of the equation.

The other part is the stone the pizzas are cooked on.  With every new pizza, the stone gathers more flavour which evenly cooks pizza dough and gives it a special addition and unique flair.

With all of this in mind, we opened The Old Garage after using the term to explain it’s location with Walkerton.  The name stuck, and that’s what you’ve come to know today.

At the heart of our business is a simple principle: make the best pizza we can with fresh ingredients and unique flavours.  It’s what separates us from others and why you’ll love every bite.

A pizza cooking in a wood oven